Modige Co.

Modige Co. is a small business, veteran-owned and operated, located in Los Angeles, California. We have experience in old school and new media for public relations, customer outreach, employee communications, corporate communications, branding and graphics, web design, and social media. Modige serves individuals, small businesses, corporations and causes in all fields.

At Modige Co., we are practitioners of new media strategy. We don't take on a client without a complete analysis of their current online presence, understanding the audience, the competition, the environment and the company. This baseline report is serious business. It defines the as-is, the starting line. From there, we understand your goals and map out a route to getting there through the vast forest of media options available.

We serve as a testbed for websites, social media posts and perform on-site SEO assessment. We keep abreast of algorithm changes and test on all major browsers, on Apple and PC platforms, all screen sizes and mobile devices.

Core Principles

  • Design is Important: We know design and we are sticklers for good design. Elegant. Simple. Unique. Complete.

  • Testing is Essential: Testing for design flexibility is absolutely essential to ensure that your website, post or graphic fits every screen size on which it will be viewed.
  • The Medium is the Message: Your PR campaign is different depending on the channels on which it is running. We customize your message and craft your story according to channel (Facebook, Twitter, radio, TV, YouTube, podcast...) and optimize it for your desired audience.
  • Content Strategy is King: Your digital media content should be strategically planned from the ground up. We are thought-leaders in strategy.
  • Measurement is Key: We take analytics seriously. They tell us what the customer likes, how they find you and how long they look at your content. Data collection isn't enough. Analysis is the key to unlocking the postential of an evolving brand, company or product. The numbers tell us one thing. The meaning behind the numbers tells us so much more.

Our Concentration
is Your Business

We don't have a slick website or a social media campaign of our own because we are busy working for our clients. If this business model seems counter-intuitive, it is not. Wouldn't you rather have a company working for you who concentrates more on your needs than on getting new clients? That's what we are all about. You.

Modige Co. is a concentration of the finest minds in digital public relations, communications, SEO, web design, and graphics. We couple our technological knowledge with human psychology to understand audiences of all types. Our research and knowledge of the human mind set us apart in the digital PR world. We understand what your audience needs, wants and desires. That is how we help your clients find you and help you expand your audience and help more people.

After all, isn't that the point?